TLG Motorsports started in our own back yard with family enjoying lifting and customizing their own trucks resulting in some pretty eye catching  vehicles that you have most likely seen around Durham Region, bringing us to even start building our own pull truck. Fast forward 8 years and now we have a 3000 square foot full service shop for customizing to all types of vehicles from small to big as well as even small engine repair on lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers or any type of engine that isn’t running just right bring it to us and we’ll have a look.
With competitive shop rates and knowledgeable staff we at TLG Motorsports can help you get your equipment back up and running as affordable as possible.
But don’t for get about our accessories! We also can order in exterior and other accessories for your vehicle from tonneau covers, side steps, fender flares to tail gate assists. If you can dream it we can either find it or build it.

Come see us at TLG Motorsports for all your truck, auto and toy accessories!

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

9.46L container of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). A scientific combination of dissolved urea and distilled water. Used in most current diesel engines to assist in the lowering of the nitrogen oxides in the diesel exhaust emissions.   For product enquiry please contact us at:  Office: 905-579-7258 E-mail:
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TruXport Tonneau Covers

Roll up tonneau cover, Velcro sides, Pocket fit support bars, Secure latches at the rear. Available for most truck box sizes.   For product enquiry please contact us at: Office: 905-579-7258 E-mail:  
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Windshield Washer Fluid

3.78L container All Season windshield washer fluid. A guaranteed non-smear formulation Works down to our colder -40 *C.   For product enquiry please contact us at:  Office: 905-579-7258 E-mail:
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