Salt supplier in Oshawa – Select Salt Supply

Select Salt Supply is a premium salt supplier in Oshawa, serving the Durham Region.

From October – May our bulk salt dome is always fully stocked and ready for inclement weather at any time. Whether you are a home owner looking for a bag or two to apply on your driveway, walkway or sidewalk, or a small contractor looking for a yard or two of salt or a larger contractor that has their own place for storing bulk salt we can supply you with loads from 5 to 40 MT. we can assist. We offer a number of de-icing options and would be happy to discuss the options and applications best suited for your location.

We stock upwards of 600 metric tons of salt onsite ready for the storm, whether you’re a contractor picking up a yard or two at a time or a bit larger and have a small dome of your own call us for your bulk supply of salt this year.

Our rock salt it the most natural clean salt with no fillers just an anti caking agent applied before shipping giving it a tan color. But don’t take our word for it test it yourself! Take a handful of our salt and rinse it under water a couple times and see the additive wash away leaving you with natural clear rock crystals achieving greater than 98% purity and keeping the moisture content to less than 1.5%.

As a experienced salt supplier in Oshawa we take our rock salt and blend in a special formulation of ingredients including but not limited to magnesium chloride, anti-caking agents and a rust inhibitor to provide you with Treated salt that increases ice melting speed.

Our Pickled mixed salt is produced by Mixing our regular rock salt with sand at an approximate ratio of 30% salt 70% sand it achieves immediate traction assistance with a little melting capabilities.

As a salt supplier in Oshawa we have been Making our own salt brine for the past 8 years and testing our product on our own properties we service. It has educated us on the benefits of using brine as a pre-storm application. All of our brine is made up of a similar formula to our treated salt giving you lasting melting capabilities at lower temperatures.

– Open for bulk Salt purchases Monday to Friday 8 a.m -4 pm
– Additional hours during inclement weather.