Welcome to the Emerald Kids Club!

Cultivating, planting, growing and harvesting from a vegetable, herb or flower garden is a wonderful experience whether you are a toddler, teenager or adult.  This section of our website is designed for young gardeners in the hopes to foster and promote the love and satisfaction of the hands-on experience of gardening.  Gardening improves our lives, our families and our planet.

Join us for tons of fun gardening related crafts, projects, contests, puzzles and games.

For product enquiry please call on:

Office: 905-579-7258

E-mail: info@thelawsongroup.ca


With the purchase of one of our “mystery garden” bags you can watch your kids enjoy the experience of growing their very own vegetable plants.

Each bag comes with 2 small pots, 2 bags of soil, 4 mystery seeds and directions on how to plant and grow.

Please note:

To enjoy the full potential of the plants growth you will need to transplant into a larger pot, or outside in a garden for better, stronger root growth.